WILD/Life – Guid of Book Workers Exhibition

Tom Virgin is thrilled to be participating in the exhibition. From the press release:

This exhibition features approximately 50 works by members of the Guild of Book
Workers, an book artists organization that promotes interest in and awareness of the
tradition of the book and paper arts by maintaining high standards of workmanship,
hosting educational opportunities, and sponsoring exhibits. Members were invited to
interpret the theme of “wildlife” in any way they wish, be it literal or abstract, humorous
or serious. In a biological sense, wildlife describes the myriad of creatures sharing this
planet, interacting and adapting, all connected to each other and their environment.
“Wild” also describes an untamable essence that survives despite the constraints of
society and culture. As craftspeople, knowledge of materials and keen observation of
how they behave (and often how they refuse to comply) is an integral part of the
practice of book making, and a reminder of how traditional bookbinding materials
originate in nature.