Give Miami Day 2020 Early Giving is Here

Extra Virgin Press continues to support kids, music, and poetry. We will need these things, as the world comes back online.

If you are part of a community that supports the Arts, please consider lending your support to your favorite organizations at GiveMiami on November 19, 2020. After the last nine months in various stages of diminished community participation, from quarantine to the current restrictions, all of our relationships with organizations have changed. The smallest donations by the largest numbers of supporters will make it possible to keep our favorite organizations afloat.

This year there are prizes for the first gift on Thursday at the stroke of Midnight. If you can be online and donate the second the clock turn to Thursday we will have an opportunity for a cash prize. Additional prizes over the week are going to be available for early donations, unique donations, and other categories. The minimum donation is $25.