2017 Homes

Writer Bios

Haitian-born, Edwidge Danticat, is a Miami-based writer of both fiction and nonfiction.

Laura Tan is a Miami-based visual artist who uses drawing and painting to express her ideas and emotions.

Mia Leonin lives and writes where the ocean meets el río.

Adler Guerrier is an artist based in Miami and makes works by noting the usefulness of place. 

Michael Hettich is a poet and professor who lives with his family in Miami and loves wandering the wilds of nature and cities…

Tom Virgin is an artist & high school teacher, who prints, reads, swims, and does Tai Chi every chance he gets. 

Campbell McGrath is a poet and teacher who has lived for the last twenty-four years with his wife and his stillness-occasionally-present children in Miami Beach.

Pip Brant grew up in the American West on Indian reservations. She has been a teacher, a goatherd, a painter and a professor at FIU. 

Denise Duhamel lives in Hollywood, FL where she writes poems on the beach and sometimes sitting on the lifeguard ramp before and after their shifts.

Maureen Seaton is a poet who collaborates from two states of art, Florida and Colorado, one all ocean and one all mountain—both bordering on our next-door neighbors, the world.

The most important things for artist Michelle Weinberg are love, friendship, shape, color, pattern and arranging those into spaces that people want to jump into.