Coconut Grove • Making Space • 1897-2021

an artists book 6 in x 4.75 in x .25 in letterpress printed edition of 60 2021

This list offers links to sites that describe the history of the images contained in this small book, including the map on the reverse side of the book. I moved to Coconut Grove on the heels of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and have made it my home since then. I have lived in two apartments in that time span, currently one street from Charles Avenue, roughly halfway between the Stirrup House and Charlotte Jane Memorial Park on Douglas Road. This is a small part of the history, some of which is included in the Frost Museum’s link at the Place and Purpose / Art Transformation in Coconut Grove Exhibition Website.

Early Coconut Grove/Bahamian Immigrants & Builders

1. E.W.F. Stirrup House Charles Avenue (originally Evangelist Street) 1897

2. Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery 1913

3. Shotgun Home 1939

4. 3029 SW 27th Avenue (from Can’t See It From My Housse) Built 1960’s/ Demolished 2006

Grand Avenue/ West Coconut Grove

5. 3441 Grand Avenue 1960

More History
A History of West Coconut Grove from 1925:Slum Clearance, Concrete Monsters, and theDichotomy of East andWest Coconut Grove, Alex Plasencia Clemson University,

Coconut Grove Negro District Map